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 Introduction To Basic Life Support

This Green Cross online course is aimed at instilling confidence in anyone who is required to deal with a collapsed adult or child. Early resuscitation can improve survival rates by up to 60%. It’s important to note that this online course does not qualify its users to carry out either of these tasks without further practical training.

Learning Outcomes

Learning how to provide Basic Life Support (BLS) could help you to save a life may well be the most valuable skill you will ever learn. In this Basic Life Support certification course, you will learn how to perform CPR on infants, children and adults.

  1. Know how to assess the collapsed victim
  2. Learn how to perform chest compression and rescue breathing
  3. Know how to deal with a person who is choking
  4. Be able to place an unconscious person in the recovery position
  5. Understand your legal obligations under the first aid regulations

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  •   Course Duration: 30 mins
  •   Available as: E-Learning
  •   Cost: £call
  •   Certificate: CPD

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