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How to Deal with A Burn

Burns are damage to the skin caused by heat. A burn is caused by dry heat – by an iron or fire, for example. Burns can be very painful and may cause:-       -red or peeling skin       -blisters       -swelling       -white or charred skinThe amount of pain you feel...

Dealing With Heat Stroke

With British summer time (hopefully) upon us here is our quick guide to Dealing With Heat Stroke. Heat stroke is a form of hyperthermia in which the body temperature is elevated dramatically. It is a medical emergency and can be fatal if not promptly and properly...

Launching IOSH

Enrolling in an IOSH course is a wise move you can make towards career growth. The best part about it is that the course benefits not only your personal development but the additional knowledge and skills you gained can also be of valuable service to your company and...

First Aid for Parents

More than 2 million children per year find themselves in A&E due to an accident in or around the home. Would you know what to do if it was your child? To give them the best chance of recovery you must know paediatric first aid.Paediatric First Aid vs. Regular First...

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