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Introducing Gems

Your online Learner Management System from Green Cross Training.

Online Management

Manage all of your training needs online through our easy to use portal. You can manage all training, expiry dates, candidates and pass/fail with one simple interface.


User level access for your learner management system, you are in complete control of information and ensuring that those who need it, have it.

Total Control

All your training, learner feedback, pass/fail outcomes and training expiry. All in one easy to use inteface with dashboard control.

All your training

You can manage all your historical training and certificate expiry, even if the course wasn’t through us. One interface for all your training

Green Cross External Management System

Imagine if you had your own online account manager, imagine if you could manage all your training across the organisation from one online portal, imagine if this included all training conducted no matter where or when it took place, imagine if you could conduct a training audit in seconds and receive an alert when certificates are expiring.

Imagine no more – GEMS is here

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