SIEMENS SCENARIO DAY - First Aid and Health & Safety Training
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Last week Green Cross Training delivered a special scenario first aid training day for Siemens which was organised by our Business Development Manager, Julia Cabuk with the course content developed by David Harrison our Training and Development Manager.

It was a training day for their first aiders and first person on scene trained personnel. We created 3 situations, heart attack and cardiac arrest in the gym, a spinal injury fall from height onto a workshop floor and a chemical burn that had gone through the emergency shower and into the first aid room. These realist situations were created to emulate what could happen in their workplace and at the same time re-train their qualified personnel in an even more practical hands on approach just as it potentially happens in real life!

The students rotated around each scenario area in groups of 3 spending an hour at each station until they had been through all 3 stations. Once they had completed each situation a de-brief was held with the trainers who fed back their findings. This was so important to not only give the trained personnel confidence in their role but to show how they had handled each situation and to see if there was room for further improvement.

Our staff at Green Cross, Dean Julia and Emma played their parts well as the casualties with the Siemens students using their own real first aid equipment demonstrating how they would approach each situation. With example on the heart attack and cardiac arrest scene they demonstrated how they would use a defib (training defib used in scenario) and also explained how they use their bag, mask and oxygen equipment to save their patients life.

David’s comments from the day:
“I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the team that helped me run a smooth and very professional scenario training day at Siemens last week. Justine, Gary, many thanks for the professional attitude and guidance you gave to the first aiders and also the re-training as and when required. Justine who is a full time paramedic and team leader for EMAS made the training very credible”

If you would like to have a first aid training special scenario day created for your business we would be delighted to help. For further information call 0330 120 0105 and Jax or Craig will be happy to help arrange.